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 Term Definition Category
BDG Black Diamondwood Grip Grip
BHWG Bull's Head Walnut Grips Grip
BLKPRL Black Synthetic Pearlite Grips Grip
CRIMSON Crimson Trace Grips Grip
EBONY Ebony Grips Grip
HG Hogue Rubber Grip Grip
HGRP Holster Grip, Unfolds & Locks to Become Handle Grip
IVRY Simulated Ivory Grips Grip
KHRT Wood Checkered King of Hearts Grips Grip
LASER Lightweight Polymer Grips, Includes Laser Grip
LG Crimson Trace LaserGrips Grip
PG Polymer Grips Grip
PNK GRIPS Pink Grips Grip
PRL Pearl Grips Grip
QHRT Queen of Hearts TALO Edition Grip
RASP Rasberry Grips Grip
RSWD Rosewood Grips Grip
WAL GRIP Checkered Square Butt Walnut Grip Grip
WD Checkered Wood Grips Grip
WWP Wounded Warrior Engraved Wood Grips Grip
BLKWD Blackwood Grip, Finish