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 Term Definition Category
ABSAP Accu-Ranger Ballistics System Accu-Plex Reticle Accessory
ACCRNG Accu-Range Accessory
BION Binocular Accessory
FD FireDot accessory
FDDPLX FireDot Duplex accessory
FDPLX Fine Duplex Accessory
HMD Half Mil-Dot Accessory
IDPLX Illuminated Duplex Accessory
MRD Mini Red Dot Accessory
TRPLX Triplex Accessory
WDPLX Wide Duplex Accessory
ALK BATT Alkaline Battery Accessory
AO Adjustable Objective Accessory
APPD Approved Accessory
BATT Battery Accessory
CAMO Camouflage Finish Accessory
CARB Carbine Accessory
CDS Custom Dial System Accessory
CF Center Focus Accessory
CLMP Magazine Clamp Accessory
DPLX Duplex Accessory
FG COMP Fore Grip Compact Accessory
FG FUL Fore Grip Full Size Accessory
FLDMSTR Field Master Accessory
FS Fixed Sights Accessory
FT FT Reticle Scope Accessory
FUL Full Choke Tube Accessory
GLOSS Gloss Finish Accessory
GRN Green Accessory
GRY Grey Accessory
HLST Holster Accessory
HOL RH Right Handed Holster Accessory
ICRCLPLX Illum Circle Plex Ret Accessory
IMP/CLY Improved Cylinder Choke Tube Accessory
LED BATT LED Battery Accessory
LGRP Laser Grip Accessory
LRX LED Battery Accessory
LSGRD/LSRGRD Laser Guard Accessory
LSR STROBE Laser and Strobe Light Accessory
MC Multi Choke Accessory
MD Mil Dot Reticle Scope Accessory
MILDOT/MLDT/MDOT Mil Dot Accessory
MNT Mount (for a Scope) Accessory
MOBU Mossy Oak Breakup Camo Accessory
MOD Modified Choke Tube Accessory
NS Night Sights Accessory
PORRO Porro Prism Binocular Accessory
PRSM Roof Prism Binocular Accessory
R-DOT Red Dot Accessory
RET Reticle Type Accessory
RH Right Hand Accessory
SL Silver Finish Accessory
SPOT/SCP Spotting Scope Accessory
STK Stock Accessory
TACT Tactical Accessory
TAN Tan Finish Accessory
TBR True Ballistic Range Accessory
TDOT Target Dot Accessory
TRI Tripod Accessory
VH Varmint Hunters Accessory
W/BATT With Battery Accessory
W/LASER With Laser Sights Accessory
W/LITH BATT With Lithium Battery Accessory
W/LOGO With Logo Accessory
W/POUCH With Pouch Accessory
W/QD Flip To Side, Quick Detach, MIL-STD-1913 Rail Mnt Accessory
W/SAW With Saw Accessory
W/STROBE With Strobe Light Accessory
WIDEDPLX Wide Duplex Accessory
XFUL Extra Full Choke Tube Accessory
BA Bolt Action Action
DAK Double Action Kellerman Action
LVR Lever Action Action
OU Over Under Shotgun Action
PUMP Pump Action Action
S Striker Fired Action
SA Semi-Automatic Action
SBS Side by Side Shotgun Action
SNG SHT Single Shot Action
ARM Armscor Ammunition
XPT Extreme Point (Winchester) Ammunition
ACUBND/ACUBD AccuBond Ammunition
CWBY Cowboy Ammunition
RZRBKXT Razor Boar XT Ammunition
SWC Semi-Wad Cutter Ammunition
VARM Varmint Ammunition
AMERW American Whitetail Ammunition
BBJHP Black Belt Jacketed Hollow Point Ammunition
BCLOUD BlackCloud Ammunition
BJHP Jacketed Hollow Point Ammunition
BLKCLOUD BlackCloud Ammunition
BLNDSE/BLNDSIDE Blindside Ammunition
BPR Browning Performance Rimfire Ammunition
BPT Browning Performance Target Ammunition
BT Boat Tail Ammunition
BTHP Boat Tail Hollow Point Ammunition
BTIP Ballistic Tip Ammunition
BUCK/BCKSHT Buckshot Ammunition
BXC Browning Controlled Expansion Terminal Tip Ammunition
BXD Browning Extra Distance Ammunition
BXP Browning Personal Defense X-Point Ammunition
BXR Browning Rapid Expansion Matrix Tip Ammunition
CPRN Copper Plated Round Nose Ammunition
CRITDEF Critical Defense Ammunition
CRITDUTY Critical Duty Ammunition
DEF Defender Ammunition
DGX Dangerous Game Expanding Ammunition
DVE Dove Ammunition
FCTRL Flight Control Ammunition
FMJ Full Metal Jacket Ammunition
FMJBT Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Ammunition
FNEB Flat Nosed Enclosed Base Ammunition
FRAG Fragmenting Ammunition
FTX Flex Tip Expanding Ammunition
GA Gauge Ammunition
GAME Game-Shok Ammunition
GCLUB Gun Club Ammunition
GR Grain Ammunition
HB Hi-Brass Ammunition
HB High-Brass Ammunition
HP Hollow Point Ammunition
HTP High Terminal Performance Ammunition
HV/HIVEL High Velocity Ammunition
HVYTG Heavy Target Ammunition
INT Interlock Ammunition
JHP Jacketed Hollow Point/Jacket Hollow Point Ammunition
JSP Jacketed Soft Point Ammunition
LAWCLEAN Lawman Clean-Fire Ammunition
LC Low Recoil Ammunition
LEDLES Leadless Ammunition
LFLAT Lead Flat Nose Ammunition
LHNDCP Lite Handicap Ammunition
LVREV LEVERevolution Ammunition
MAGSHK/MAGSK Mag-Shok Ammunition
MC Metal Case Ammunition
MM Millimeter Ammunition
MNGRCL Managed Recoil Ammunition
MTCHKG Matchking Ammunition
NTRO Nitro Ammunition
OTFB Open Tip Flat Base Ammunition
OTM Open Tip Match Ammunition
PDEF Personal Defense Ammunition
PEL Pellet Ammunition
PERDEF Personal Defense Ammunition
PHES Pheasant Ammunition
PR Power-Shok Ammunition
PSP Pointed Soft Point Ammunition
PSTORM/PSTRM Prairie Strom Ammunition
PWRCRE/PWRCORE Power-Core Ammunition
PWRMX Power Max Ammunition
PWRPT Power Point Ammunition
PWRSK Power-Shok Ammunition
RFLD Rifled Ammunition
RN Round Nose Ammunition
SHAND Super Handicap Ammunition
SJHP Semi Jacketed Hollow Point Ammunition
SLG Slug Ammunition
SLVRTP Silver Tip Ammunition
SP Soft Point Ammunition
SP Spire Point Ammunition
SPDSHK Speed-Shok Ammunition
SPF Superformance Ammunition
SPRPHS Super Pheasant Ammunition
SST Super Shock Tipped Ammunition
STRTSHK Strut-Shok Ammunition
SWC Lead Semi Wadcutter Ammunition
SX/SUPX Super X Ammunition
TCSB Truncated Cone Solid Bullet Ammunition
TRB Truball Ammunition
TRKY Turkey Ammunition
ULTDF Ultimate Defense Ammunition
VCRN/VCRWN/VCROWN V-Crown Ammunition
VS/VSHK Vital Shok Ammunition
WNGSHK/WNGSK Wing-Shok Ammunition
XTP Extreme Terminal Performance Ammunition
XX Double X Ammunition
Z-MAX Zombie Max Ammunition
CCI CCI Ammunition, Brand
CCI BLAZER CCI|Blazer Ammunition, Brand
FED Federal Ammunition, Brand
HNR Hornady Ammunition, Brand
NOS Nosler Ammunition, Brand
PLY PolyCase Ammunition, Brand
SPR Speer Ammunition, Brand
WIN Winchester Ammunition, Brand
AC American Classic Brand
AIR Taser International Brand
AO Auto-Ordnance Brand
ARI Arsenal Inc. Brand
ARM Armscor|Rock Island Armory Brand
ATA American Tactical Imports Brand
BAM Browning Ammunition Brand
BAR Barnes Brand
BER Bersa Brand
BND Bond Arms Brand
BRN Browning Brand
BRZ BrazTech|Rossi Brand
BSH Bushmaster Brand
BTA Beretta Brand
BTA SAKO Beretta|Sako Brand
BTA TIKKA Beretta|Tikka Brand
CHT Charter Arms Brand
CIM Cimarron Brand
CIT Citadel Brand
CLT Colt Brand
COM Comanche Brand
CTC Crimson Trace Brand
CZU DW CZ-USA|Dan Wesson Brand
DBF Diamondback Firearms Brand
DDI Daniel Defense Brand
DED Double Eagle Derringer Brand
DLT Del-Ton, Inc. Brand
DPM DPMS/Panther Arms Brand
DPM PNTHR DPMS/Panther Arms Brand
DSC Davidsons Supply Company Brand
DVA Bulgarian Brand
DW Dan Wesson Brand
EAA European American Armory Brand
EOT EOTech Brand
ERP E-RPC|Remington Brand
ESC Escort Brand
FED Federal Brand
FNM FNH USA | FN America Brand
FST FireStorm Brand
GLK Glock Brand
GPU Grand Power Brand
H&K Heckler & Koch Brand
H&R Harrington & Richardson Brand
HDF Honor Defense Brand
HEN Henry Repeating Arms Brand
HER Heritage Manufacturing Inc. Brand
HPT Hi-Point Firearms Brand
IAC Interstate Arms Corp Brand
INL Inland Brand
KAR Kahr Arms Brand
KAR AO Kahr Arms|Auto-Ordnance Brand
KAR THOM Kahr Arms|Thompson Brand
KEL Kel-Tec Brand
LAS LaserLyte Brand
LBC Les Baer Custom Brand
LEG Legacy Sports International Brand
LEG CIT Legacy Sports Intl|Citadel Brand
LEG ESC Legacy Sports Intl|Escort Brand
LEG HOWA Legacy Sports Intl|HOWA Brand
LEG PUM Legacy Sports Intl|Puma Brand
LEU Leupold Brand
LMA Llama Brand
MAR Marlin Brand
MAV Maverick Arms Brand
MET Metro Arms Brand
MET AC Metro Arms|American Classic Brand Brand
MET LMA Metro Arms|Llama Brand
MGR Magnum Research Brand
MII Mossberg International Brand
MOS Mossberg Brand
NAM North American Arms Brand
PAR Para USA Brand
PLM Palmetto State Armory Brand
POF POF-USA|Patriot Ordnance Factory Brand
PRO Pro Mag Brand
PTR PTR Industries (PTR-91) Brand
PUM Puma Brand
REM Remington Brand
RFD Redfield Brand
RUG Ruger Brand
S&W Smith & Wesson|Smith & Wesson Performance Center Brand
SAKO Sako Brand
SAV Savage Arms Brand
SCY SCCY Industries Brand
SIG SigSauer Brand
SLB Storm Lake Barrels Brand
SLI Streamlight Brand
SPG Springfield Armory Brand
SRF Surefire Brand
TAU Taurus Brand
TCA Thompson/Center Brand
THOM Thompson Brand
TIKKA Tikka Brand
TRI TriStar Brand
TRJ Trijicon Brand
UMA Umarex USA Brand
USF U.S. Fire Arms Brand
USG USSG Inc. Brand
WIN Winchester Ammunition Brand
VOL Volquartsen Custom Brand
WAL Walther, USA Brand
WBY Weatherby Brand
WRA Winchester Repeating Arms Brand
WWY Windham Weaponry Brand
ZEI Carl Zeiss Sports Optics Brand
ZIP Zip Factory USA Brand
DIAM Nikko Stirling Diamond Brand, Accessory
GAMEKG Nikko Stirling Gameking Brand, Accessory
MOUNTMSTR Nikko Stirling Mountmaster Brand, Accessory
NIGHT Nikko Stirling Nighteater Brand, Accessory
TRGTMST Nikko Stirling Targetmaster Brand, Accessory
5.56 5.56 NATO Caliber, Ammunition
5.7 5.7MM Caliber, Ammunition
6.8 6.8MM Remington Caliber, Ammunition
6.8 6.8MM Special Purpose Cartridge (6.8 SPC) Caliber, Ammunition
7.62 7.62 NATO Caliber, Ammunition
30 30 Carbine Caliber, Ammunition
30 30 Carbine (30 M1 Carbine) Caliber, Ammunition
220 220 Swift Caliber, Ammunition
222 222 Remington Caliber, Ammunition
223 223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 5.56 NATO Caliber, Ammunition
243 243 Winchester Caliber, Ammunition
257 257 Roberts Caliber, Ammunition
260 260 Remington Caliber, Ammunition
260 260 Remington 6.5-08 A-Square Caliber, Ammunition
270 270 Winchester Caliber, Ammunition
280 280 Remington Caliber, Ammunition
280 280 Remington/7MM Express Remington Caliber, Ammunition
300 300 Winchester Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
338 338 Winchester Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
357 357 Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
358 358 Winchester Caliber, Ammunition
380 380 ACP Caliber, Ammunition
380 380 Automatic (9mm Kurz/9x17mm/380ACP) Caliber, Ammunition
410 410 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
444 444 Marlin Caliber, Ammunition
454 454 Casull Caliber, Ammunition
454 454 Casull / 45LC Caliber, Ammunition
458 458 Winchester Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
475 475 Linebaugh Caliber, Ammunition
(+P) Plus Pressure Caliber, Ammunition
10/ 10 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
10MM 10 Millimeter Caliber, Ammunition
12/ 12 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
16/ 16 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
17/22M 17 Rimfire / 22 Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
17H 17 Hornet Caliber, Ammunition
17HMR 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire Caliber, Ammunition
17M2 17 Mach2 Caliber, Ammunition
17REM 17 Remington Caliber, Ammunition
17RF 17 Rimfire Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
17RF/22M 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire / 22 Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
17RFB 17 Remington Fireball Caliber, Ammunition
17RM 17 Rimfire Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
17WSM 17 Winchester Super Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
20/ 20 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
20/223 20 Gauge / 223 Caliber, Ammunition
20/243 20 Gauge / 243 Caliber, Ammunition
20/28 20 Gauge / 28 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
204RUG 204 Ruger Caliber, Ammunition
20M/22LR/243 243 / 22LR / 20 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
20M/243 20 Gauge Magnum / 243 Caliber, Ammunition
20M/243 243 / 20 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
20M/50BP 20 Gauge Magnum / 50 Black Powder Caliber, Ammunition
218B 218 Bee Caliber, Ammunition
22-250 22-250 Remington Caliber, Ammunition
223WSSM 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
22-50 22-250 Remington (22 Varminter, 22 Wotkyns Original Swift) Caliber, Ammunition
22H 22 Hornet Caliber, Ammunition
22LR 22 Long Rifle Caliber, Ammunition
22LR/17M2 22 Long Rifle / 17 Mach 2 Caliber, Ammunition
22LR/17M2 22LR / 17Mach 2 Caliber, Ammunition
22LR/20M 22 Long Rifle / 20 Gauge Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
22LR/22M 22 Long Rifle / 22 Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
22LR/410 22 Long Rifle / 410 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
22LR/410 22LR over .410 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
22M 22 Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
22M/17RF 22 Magnum / 17 Hornaday Magnum Rimfire Caliber, Ammunition
22M/17RF 22M / 17 Rimfire Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
22S 22 Short Caliber, Ammunition
22T 22TCM (Armscor) Caliber, Ammunition
240WBY 240 Weatherby Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
243/50BP 243/50 Black Powder Caliber, Ammunition
243WSSM 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum (243 WSSM) Caliber, Ammunition
25-06 25-06 Remington Caliber, Ammunition
250SAV 250 Savage Caliber, Ammunition
257WBY 257 Weatherby Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
25AP 25 ACP Caliber, Ammunition
25AP 25 Auto Pistol Caliber, Ammunition
25WSSM 25 Winchester Super Short Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
26NOS 26 Nosler Caliber, Ammunition
270/3006/35W/280 30-06 / 270 / 280 / 35 Whelen Caliber, Ammunition
270WBY 270 Weatherby Caliber, Ammunition
270WBY 270 Weatherby Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
270WSM 270 Winchester Short Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
28/ 28 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
28NOS 28 Nosler Caliber, Ammunition
30 CRB 30 Carbine Caliber, Ammunition
30-06 30-06 Springfield Caliber, Ammunition
300BLK 300 AAC Blackout Caliber, Ammunition
300SAV 300 Savage Caliber, Ammunition
300UM 300 Remington Ultra Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
300WBY 300 Weatherby Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
300WHIS 300 Whisper Caliber, Ammunition
300WHIS/BO 300 Whisper|300 AAC Blackout Caliber, Ammunition
300WSM 300 Winchester Short Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
30-30 30-30 Winchester (30-30 WCF/30 Winchester) Caliber, Ammunition
30-378 30-378 Weatherby Caliber, Ammunition
303BRIT 303 British Caliber, Ammunition
308MAR 308 Marlin Express Caliber, Ammunition
30AR 30 Remington AR Caliber, Ammunition
30CAR 30 Carbine Caliber, Ammunition
32 H&R 32 H&R Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
32-20 32-20 Winchester (32-20 WCF) Caliber, Ammunition
325WSM 325 Winchester Short Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
327FED 327 Federal Caliber, Ammunition
32AP 32 Auto Caliber, Ammunition
32AP 32 Auto Pistol Caliber, Ammunition
32HRM 32H&R Caliber, Ammunition
32M 32 Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
32M / 32SWL 32 Magnum / 32 S&W Long Caliber, Ammunition
32SW 32 S&W Caliber, Ammunition
32SWL 32 S&W Long Caliber, Ammunition
32WIN 32 Winchester Caliber, Ammunition
338-378WBY 338-378 Weatherby Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
338FED 338 Federal Caliber, Ammunition
338LAP 338 Lapua Caliber, Ammunition
338UM 338 Remington Ultra Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
340WBY 340 Weatherby Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
35 WHE 35 Whelen Caliber, Ammunition
357/9MM 357 Magnum or 9 Millimeter Caliber, Ammunition
357SIG 357 SIG (Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft) Caliber, Ammunition
35REM 35 Remington Caliber, Ammunition
370SAKO 370 Sako Caliber, Ammunition
375H&H 375 Holland & Holland Magnum (375 H&H Magnum) Caliber, Ammunition
375H&R 375 Harrington & Richardson Caliber, Ammunition
375HH 375H&H Caliber, Ammunition
375RUG 375 Ruger Caliber, Ammunition
378WBY 378 Weatherby Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
38-40 38-40 Winchester (38-40 WCF) Caliber, Ammunition
38-55 38-55 Winchester (38-55 Ballard) Caliber, Ammunition
38SP 38 Special Caliber, Ammunition
38SUP 38 Super Caliber, Ammunition
38SW 38 Smith & Wesson Caliber, Ammunition
400NE 400 Nitro Express Caliber, Ammunition
405WIN 405 Winchester Caliber, Ammunition
40SW 40 Smith & Wesson Caliber, Ammunition
410M 410 Gauge 3" Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
410M 410 Gauge Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
410M/17RF 410 Gauge Magnum / 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire Caliber, Ammunition
410M/22LR 410 Gauge Magnum / 22 Long Rifle Caliber, Ammunition
410M/22M 410 Gauge Magnum / 22 Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
416REM 416 Remington Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
416RIG 416 Rigby Caliber, Ammunition
416WBY 416 Weatherby Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
41M 41 Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
44 WCF 44 WCF (Winchester Centerfire) Caliber, Ammunition
44-40 44-40 Winchester (44 WCF, 44 Winchester) Caliber, Ammunition
44M 44 Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
44SP 44 Special Caliber, Ammunition
450/400NE 450/400 Nitro Express Caliber, Ammunition
450BSH 450 Bushmaster Caliber, Ammunition
450MAR 450 Marlin Caliber, Ammunition
454/45LC 454 Casull / 45 Long Colt Caliber, Ammunition
45-410 45 Long Colt - 410 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
454l 454 Casull Caliber, Ammunition
45-70 45-70 Government Caliber, Ammunition
458LOTT 458 LOTT Caliber, Ammunition
4590BPCR 45-90 Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Caliber, Ammunition
45AP 45 ACP Caliber, Ammunition
45AP 45 Automatic Pistol Caliber, Ammunition
45AP/22LR 45 ACP / 22 Long Rifle Caliber, Ammunition
45BP 45 Black Powder Caliber, Ammunition
45GAP 45 Glock Auto Pistol Caliber, Ammunition
45GLK 45 Glock Auto Pistol Caliber, Ammunition
45LC 45 Long Colt Caliber, Ammunition
45LC/410 45 Long Colt / 410 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
45LC/45AP 45 Long Colt / 45 ACP Caliber, Ammunition
460 SW MAGNUM 460 S&W Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
460S&W 460 Smith & Wesson Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
460WBY 460 Weatherby Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
470NE 470 Nitro Express Caliber, Ammunition
480/475 480 Ruger/475 Linebaugh Caliber, Ammunition
480RUG 480 Ruger Caliber, Ammunition
480RUG/475 480 Ruger/475 Linebaugh Caliber, Ammunition
480RUG/475RUG 480 Ruger / 475 Ruger Caliber, Ammunition
500 SW Magnum 500 S&W Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
500NE 500 Nitro Express Caliber, Ammunition
500S&W 500 Smith &Wesson Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
500SW 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
50-90BPCR 50-90 Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Caliber, Ammunition
50AE 50 Action Express Caliber, Ammunition
50BMG 50 Browning Machine Gun Caliber, Ammunition
50BP 50 Black Powder Caliber, Ammunition
50BP/12 50 Black Powder / 12 Gauge Caliber, Ammunition
50CA/50 BLKPWDR 50 Black Powder Caliber, Ammunition
6.5CREED 6.5 Creedmoor Caliber, Ammunition
6.5X284 6.5X284 NORMA Caliber, Ammunition
6.5X284 6.5x284 Norma Caliber, Ammunition
6.5X55 6.5X55MM Swedish Caliber, Ammunition
6MM 6MM Remington Caliber, Ammunition
7.62NATO 7.62 NATO Caliber, Ammunition
7.62x25 7.62x25 Tokarev Caliber, Ammunition
7-30WATERS 7-30 Waters Caliber, Ammunition
762X39 7.62x39 (7.62x39mm Soviet) Caliber, Ammunition
7MM 7MM Remington Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
7MM-08 7 Millimeter 08 Remington Caliber, Ammunition
7MMUM 7MM Remington Ultra Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
7MMWBY 7MM Weatherby Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
7MMWSM 7MM Winchester Short Magnum Caliber, Ammunition
7X57 7X57 Mauser Caliber, Ammunition
8MM 8MM Mauser Caliber, Ammunition
9.3X74R 9.3X74Rmm Caliber, Ammunition
9MM 9 Millimeter Caliber, Ammunition
9X18 9X18 Makarov Caliber, Ammunition
9X23 9X23 WIN (Winchester) Caliber, Ammunition
FW Foxy Woods Finish
NTM Nutmeg Finish
PRP Purple Finish
SB SCCY Blue Finish
SG Sniper Grey Finish
SBRNZ Bronze Nitron Finish
2-TONE Stainless Steel Slide and Black Receiver Finish
ALUM/PNK Aluminum Pink Finish
ALUM/TURQ Aluminum Turquoise Finish
ANTQ Antique Finish Finish
B Blue Finish
B/BLUE Blue/Bright Blue Finish
B/BRS Blue with Brass Receiver & Forend Cap Finish
B/CC Blue/Color Case Finish
B/CH Blue/Chrome Finish
B/DE Blue/Dark Earth Finish
B/N Blue Barrel, Nickel Plated Receiver Finish
B/N Blue/Nickel Finish
B/OD Blue/Olive Drab Finish
B/ODG Blue/OD Green Finish
B/PNK Blue/Pink Finish
B/PRP Blue/Purple Finish
B/SGC Blue with Shimmer Gold Cerakote Finish
B/SGCK Black/Shimmer Gold Cerakote Finish
B/SS Blue/Stainless Steel Finish
B/TN Blue/Tan Finish
BB Burnt Bronze Finish
BC Brush Chrome Finish
BCK Black Cerakote Finish
BFG Battlefield Green Finish
BK/GRN Black/Green Finish
BLK Black Finish
BLK/BRONZ Black/Bronze Finish
BLK/GLD Black/Gold Finish
BLK/GY Blue/Grey Finish
BLK/RD Black/Red Finish
BLK/TURQ Black/Turqoise Finish
BLUE/CAMO Blue/Camo Finish
BNZ Bronze or Bronze Anodize Finish
BRN Brown Finish
BZ Bronze Finish
C Chrome Finish
C/M Two-Tone Brushed Chrome Frame Finish
CBA Cobalt Anodized Finish
CBFBR Carbon Fiber Finish
CC Color Case Finish
CER Cerakote Finish
CF Polymer Frame (Carbon Fiber Finish) Finish
CHTAH Cheetah Print Finish
CKBB Cerakote Burnt Bronze Finish
CKBTTG Cerakote Blue Titanium Tactical Grey Finish
CKFDE Cerakote Flat Dark Earth Finish
CKTQ Turquoise Cerakote Finish
DB Deep Blue Finish
DCAM Davidsons Camo Finish
DE Dark Earth Finish
DES Desert Finish
DES CAM Kings Desert Camo Finish
DT Desert Tan Finish
DTC Desert Tan Camo Finish
GH2 Girls Hunt 2 Finish
GLD Gold Finish
GLOSS High Gloss American Walnut Finish
GML Green Mountain Laminate Finish
GN Green Finish
GO Gore Optifade Camo Finish
GRN Green Finish
GY Grey Finish
HOGRP Hog Reaper Pattern Finish
HOGRPR Hog Reaper Pattern Finish
KB Kryptek Banshee Finish
KH Kryptek Highlander Finish
KRY Kryptek Highlander Pattern Finish
KRYNP Kryptek Neptune Finish
KT Kryptek Typhon Finish
LAV Lavender Finish
M Matte Finish
M4 Max-4 Camo Finish
M5 Max-5 Camo Finish
MAX4 Camo Advantage Max-4 Finish
MOBI THUG Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Deer Thugs Logo Finish
MOBL Mossy Oak Bottomlands Finish
MOBR Mossy Oak Brush Finish
MOBU Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity Camo Finish
MODB Mossy Oak Duck Blind Finish
MOSG Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Finish
N Nickel Finish
NB Nickel Boron (Coating) Finish
NEP Neptune Finish
NIT Nitron Finish
NITRN Nitron Finish
NKL/SS Nickel/Stainless Steel Finish
OD Olive Drab Finish
OD GRN Olive Drab Green Finish
OD/F OD Green, Lightweight Ultra High Impact Polymer Frame Finish
ODG Olive Drab Green Finish
PC Polished Chrome Finish
PK Parkerized Finish
PNK Pink Finish
PNKCAMO Digital Pink Camo Polymer Frame Finish
PNKPRL Pink Pearl Finish
PONTS Pontus Camo Finish
RASP Raspberry Finish
RBN Robins Egg Blue Finish
RDTGS Red Tiger Stripe Finish
RED Red or Red Anodize Finish
RNBOW Rainbow Finish
RTX Realtree Xtra Finish
RTXG Realtree Xtra Green Finish
SIL Silver Finish
SNAKE Snakeskin Finish
SNW CAM Kings Snow Camo Finish
SS Stainless Steel Finish
SS/DE Stainless Steel/Dark Earth Finish
SS/LAV Stainless Steel/Lavender Finish
SS/OD Stainless Steel/Olive Drab Finish
SS/PNK Stainless Steel/Pink Finish
SS/RED Stainless Steel/Red Finish
SS/SB Stainless Steel/SCCY Blue Finish
SS/TURQ Stainless Steel/Turquoise Finish
SYN Synthetic Finish
TAN Tan Finish
THUG Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Deer Thugs Logo Finish
TITANIUM Titanium Finish
TTNM Titanium Finish
TUNC Tungsten Cerakote Finish
TURQ Turquoise Finish
URBCAM Urban Camo Finish
WAL Walnut Finish
WBNZ Whitetail Bonz Finish
WD Wood Finish
WF Wonder Finish (Heat Treated Stainless Steel) Finish
WMD White Matte Distressed Finish
AF Aluminum Frame Frame
BPF Black Polymer Frame Frame
MONOLITH Baer National Match Steel Monolith Frame Frame
RTF2 Rough Textured Frame Frame
SCN CEN Scandium Alloy Construction Frame
TF Titanium Frame Frame
BDG Black Diamondwood Grip Grip
BHWG Bull's Head Walnut Grips Grip
BLKPRL Black Synthetic Pearlite Grips Grip
CRIMSON Crimson Trace Grips Grip
EBONY Ebony Grips Grip
HG Hogue Rubber Grip Grip
HGRP Holster Grip, Unfolds & Locks to Become Handle Grip
IVRY Simulated Ivory Grips Grip
KHRT Wood Checkered King of Hearts Grips Grip
LASER Lightweight Polymer Grips, Includes Laser Grip
LG Crimson Trace LaserGrips Grip
PG Polymer Grips Grip
PNK GRIPS Pink Grips Grip
PRL Pearl Grips Grip
QHRT Queen of Hearts TALO Edition Grip
RASP Rasberry Grips Grip
RSWD Rosewood Grips Grip
WAL GRIP Checkered Square Butt Walnut Grip Grip
WD Checkered Wood Grips Grip
WWP Wounded Warrior Engraved Wood Grips Grip
BLKWD Blackwood Grip, Finish
MINIREV Mini Revolver Handgun
PST Semi-Automatic Pistol Handgun
REV Revolver Handgun
DA Double Action Handgun, Action
DAO Double Action Only Handgun, Action
SA Single Action Handgun, Action
AE Auto Ejectors Item Description
ALY Lightweight Alloy Frame Item Description
ANNV Anniversary Item Description
AXMVA Axiom Varminter Item Description
BBL Barrel Item Description
BG Big Game Item Description
BIS Bisley Item Description
BKPKR Backpacker Item Description
BP Black Powder Item Description
CA California Certified Item Description
C-AK Classic AK Item Description
CARB Carbine Item Description
CART Cartridge Item Description
CB Cylinder Bore Choke Item Description
CBT Combat Item Description
CENT Centennial Item Description
CG Custom Grade Item Description
CHMP Champion Item Description
CIRC Circuit Item Description
CKD Checkering, Wood Grip Item Description
CLP Clip Item Description
CLS Classic Item Description
CMB Combo Item Description
CMBAT Combat Item Description
CMPCT Compact Item Description
COMM Commander Item Description
COMP Competition Item Description
COMPHNTR Comped Hunter Item Description
CS Case Item Description
CSTM Custom Item Description
CT Crimson Trace Item Description
CTWL Crimson Trace White Light Item Description
DBM Detachable Magazine Item Description
DC Duck Commander Item Description
DCK Decocker/Decocking Button Item Description
DE Desert Eagle Item Description
DERR Derringer Item Description
DLC Diamond Like Carbon Item Description
DLX Deluxe Item Description
DRK Dark Item Description
ELTE Elite Item Description
ENG Engraved Item Description
ENG STK English Stock Item Description
ENH Enhanced Item Description
ENH-ELT Enhanced Elite Item Description
E-ROSE Engraved Rosewood Item Description
EXP Expert Item Description
F Full Choke Item Description
FED Federal Item Description
FHB Fluted Heavy Barrel Item Description
FLD Field Item Description
FLTD Fluted Barrel Item Description
FWT Featherweight Item Description
GLKRL Glock Rail Item Description
GRD Grade Item Description
GRS Ghost Ring Sights Item Description
HB Heavy Barrel Item Description
HE Hawkeye Item Description
HG Black Hogue Overmolded Stock Item Description
HNR Hunter Item Description
HNTR Hunter Item Description
HS Heat Shield Item Description
IC Improved Cylinder Choke Item Description
IL Internal Lock Item Description
INV Invector Chokes Item Description
INV+ Invector Plus Chokes (Browning) Item Description
ISB Integral Scope Base Item Description
IVORY Simulated Ivory Grips Item Description
KIT Kit Item Description
KM KeyMod Item Description
KNX Knoxx Reducing Stock Item Description
LAM Laminated Stock Item Description
LCI Loaded Chamber Indicator Item Description
LE Law Enforcement Item Description
LGHT Light Item Description
LGT Light Item Description
LH Left-Hand Item Description
LM LAS LaserMax Laser (LaserMax Centerfire Laser) Item Description
LMTD Limited Edition Item Description
LPA LPA Trigger System Item Description
LSR Laser Item Description
LTD Limited Edition Item Description
LW/LWT/LHWT Lightweight Item Description
LWH Low Wide Hammer Item Description
M Modified Choke Item Description
MA Massachusetts Approved Item Description
MANN Mannlicher Stock (Full Bbl Length) Item Description
MAR Marine Item Description
MATH Mathews Harmonic Damper Technology Item Description
MB Muzzlebreak Item Description
MC Multi Choke Item Description
MCH Match Item Description
MDL Model Item Description
MF Modified & Full Chokes Item Description
MK Mark Item Description
MNT Mount Item Description
MOA Minute of Angle Item Description
MS Magazine Safety Item Description
MS TRG Magazine Safety Trigger Item Description
MSR Modern Sporting Rifle Item Description
MSTR Master Item Description
MTCH Match Item Description
N/MAG No Magazine Item Description
NATL National Item Description
NIGHT GRD Night Guard Item Description
NIL Non Internal Lock Item Description
N-MARE/NGTMARE Nightmare Item Description
NWTF National Wildlife Turkey Federation Item Description
P Police Item Description
PAT Patrol Item Description
PCTRL Picatinny Rail Item Description
PG Pistol Grip Item Description
PRED Predator Item Description
PRTD Ported Item Description
PS Power Port Pro Series Item Description
PW Pre-War Item Description
QD Quick Detach Item Description
QR Quad Rail Item Description
RBL Rebuilt Item Description
RC Range Certified Item Description
RD Red Dot Item Description
REP Retailer Exclusives Program Item Description
RFL Rifle Item Description
RL Top Rail Item Description
RM Rollmarked Item Description
SAS SIG Anti-Snag Item Description
SC Scope Item Description
SC Sub Compact Item Description
SCLPT Sculpted Stock Item Description
SCP Scope Item Description
SE Stainless Elite Item Description
SER Service Item Description
SF Speedfeed Stock Item Description
SFTY Safety Item Description
SGL Single Item Description
SHTG Shotgun Item Description
SIL Silver Item Description
SK Skeet Choke Item Description
SLUG Slug Gun Item Description
SO Stand Off Barrel Item Description
SPART/SPARTN/SPRTN Spartan Item Description
SPL Special Item Description
SPT Sporter (Winchester) Item Description
SPT CLY Sporting Clays Item Description
STD Standard Item Description
STK Stock Item Description
SUP Super Item Description
SUP MTCH Super Match Item Description
SUPMTCH Super Match Item Description
SUPTAC Super Tactical Item Description
SUPTARG Super Target Item Description
TACOPS/TACPS Tac Ops Item Description
TACT Tactical Item Description
TGT Target Item Description
THMB SFTY Thumb Safety Item Description
THTT Classic Style Thumbpiece Item Description
THUN Thunder Item Description
TL Talo Edition Item Description
TNG Tango Item Description
TRBAL Tribal Item Description
TX/TEX Texas Item Description
UC Ultra Compact Item Description
UC Ultra Sub-Compact Item Description
UL Ultra Light Item Description
UNIV or UNIVER Universal Item Description
USG US Government Item Description
VARM Varmint Item Description
VR Vent Rib Item Description
W/CASE With Case Item Description
W/CTWL With Crimson Trace White Light Item Description
W/HLSTR with Holster Item Description
W/LM LAS With LaserMax Laser (LaserMax Centerfire Laser) Item Description
W/R With Rings Item Description
W/R & S With Rings & Sights Item Description
W/RAIL With Rail Item Description
W/RINGS With Rings Item Description
W/SCP With Scope Item Description
WAL Walnut Stock Item Description
WC Wiley Clapp Item Description
WFOS Williams Fiber Optic Sights (AKA-Williams Fire Sights) Item Description
WHSKY Whiskey Item Description
WIT Witness Item Description
WS Weather Shield Item Description
WTRFOWL Waterfowl Item Description
XF Extra Full Item Description
YTH Youth Firearm Item Description
AFC Anti-Friction Coat Finish Magazine
B Blue Finish Magazine
BLK Black Finish Magazine
BLK BASE Black Base Plate Magazine
BLK TANGO Polymer, Black Magazine
BOLTACT Magazine for All 22M and 17HMR Bolt Actions Magazine
BP With Base Pad Magazine
BRN BASE Brown Base Plate Magazine
BSS Bright Stainless Steel Magazine