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Gun Genie - How It Works
Gun Genie is our new state-of-the-art consumer firearm purchasing tool. As one of America's leading and most progressive firearm distributors, Davidson's developed and Gun Genie to help communicate firearms information to you and offer you an on-line solution to purchase firearms from a "Retailer Near You".

Gun Genie allows you to conveniently purchase that new firearm you have been looking for. This includes the ability to tap into our huge inventory (we sell only to Federally Licensed Firearm retailers in the United States) for many items that you may not be able to see in your local retailers store.  Also, ordering using Gun Genie makes sure that you are covered with our GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

You will obtain instant quotes from six (6) leading firearm retailers near you, be able to put down a deposit on the firearm you want and arrange to pick up your new firearm with the convenience of shopping at home! So sit back and let do all the work for you on-line.

Below are copies of all the screens you will see during a typical Gun Genie session with an explanation of how each area works. The system is very user friendly so don't hesitate to try it! We encourage you to have fun and purchase your next firearm using Gun Genie.

Start Your Search:

You can simply enter your zip code, select the criteria for the firearm you want to locate and then click on the search button. If you want to see all 9mm firearms, then choose the 9mm option in the Caliber pull-down menu. If that is the only specification that you know so far, then leave each of the other sections defaulting to "ALL". If you know that it is a 9mm Ruger, then only choose Ruger as the manufacturer and 9mm as the caliber. This way you see all the 9mm Ruger pistols that are available. Still Easy!

Make A Selection:

The results from your selection are now shown as a list of items to further select from. You can click on any of the guns in order to get a full color picture with detailed specifications (no abbreviations) so that you can further identify the product to determine if that is the gun you want to buy. At any point, you can choose New Search to start over with new selections. The On Sale symbol indicates that we have that particular firearm at a discount from our regular price to the Retailers so you should get a better price from the Retailer you choose. You can also see how many of each model that we have in inventory at the time of your inquiry. Now you can move on to the next step in the Gun Genie by clicking on one of the items in the list! There is no commitment at this point so enjoy your shopping experience.

Verify Your Selection & Retrieve Quotes:

If this is not the firearm you want, simply click Return to Search Results or New Search to find other firearms. If this is the firearm you are interested in purchasing, simply click "Instant Quotes ". Gun Genie will only allow you to purchase items that we have in our inventory. If we don't have the item in stock that you want, you can watch for the firearm to come into our inventory using our Stock Watch. The Stock Watch image appears where the Instant Quotes box was when the quantity is zero (0) in our inventory. We will email you when we receive it and then come back to and start the Gun Genie for that item.

Genie Quotes:

You will receive quotes immediately from six (6) retailers in your area.  If one of these offers suits you, simply click the "Accept Offer" button.

Alternatively, you can search Gun Genie Retailers within 25, 50 or 100 miles of your ZIP code. If your favorite Retailer is not in our list of choices, then he may not have selected to use this service. You can have your retailer contact one of our many Account Executives at Davidson's to find out how he can set-up his online pricing. We try to ensure a quality Retailer for you, our ultimate customer, so each dealer must qualify to become a part of our program.

Provide Your Information:

Now you are ready to purchase your firearm, but first we need to get your information. This information creates a username and password to be used when you come back to the site to use any of our online services. Please answer all the questions completely and truthfully.

If you are already registered with, you can simply LOGIN to continue the purchase process without having to re-enter all the required information.

Offer Acceptance:

We will take a deposit on your credit card for 25% of Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (this is placed as a credit on your retailers account after your credit card is validated) and applied to your order that is shipped to the retailer you chose. Most orders will arrive at your retailer in three business days or less. Please contact your retailer to finalize the transaction and get the shipping information. When your firearm arrives, you will be contacted by your retailer to complete any necessary paperwork, pay the balance of the invoice, and pick up your firearm.

Sale Summary:

After you accept the offer, we will email you an order confirmation.
You can view your sale details online at any time by logging back into "Genie Results". Your retailer should be in touch with you shortly
or don't hesitate to call them to confirm if your product has arrived.  Thank you for using Gun Genie... what a great way to buy a firearm!

Please let us know about your experience using Gun Genie!