Davidson's Building Davidson's Inc is one of the largest and most progressive firearms wholesalers in America. Davidson's stocks a vast inventory of firearms, possesses years of industry experience and has a reputation as both a "deal maker" and an "innovation leader." In November of 1998, GalleryofGuns.com was launched by Davidson's to actively promote the product of its suppliers and the businesses of its customers, the nation's firearm retailers. Davidson's product lines consist of offerings from the firearms industry's premier manufacturers. Over and unders, combination guns, varmint rifles, hunting handguns, you name it, we stock it. If you are looking for general hunting and shooting supplies, Davidson's/GalleryofGuns.com is not your source. However, if you are looking to purchase a firearm, then we think you will agree that Davidson's/GalleryofGuns.com is a great choice.

Perhaps best of all, our GuaranteeD Lifetime Replacement Warranty backs all of the firearms Davidson's sells. If you ever experience a defect with a firearm purchased through Davidson's, a Brand New Replacement* will be provided. Should your two-year old bolt-action rifle break a firing pin a week before the annual "boys outing" the first day of deer season, “we've got you covered.” Imagine a new firearm right out of the box!! If it is defective, it is covered, period.

The sale of all firearms purchased via GalleryofGuns.com is completed at a federally licensed firearms retailer in full compliance with all government regulations. Before you consider purchasing any firearm, be sure that you are in compliance with all federal, state and local laws governing the purchase, ownership and use of firearms. Davidson’s GalleryofGuns.com brings you the best of old and new; years of experience and a rock solid reputation in the firearms industry and an innovative, informative and ultra-convenient way for firearm consumers to buy.